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Description : When Billy arrives for his massage appointment he is not in a very good mood. He tells the masseuse, Brittney, that he had a fight with his girlfriend and found out that the reason they have been having trouble in bed is because his dick it too big. Brittney takes him to the massage room and promises to help relax him and take his trouble away. She wants Billy to feel good, but she also can't keep her eyes off his big cock so she grabs it, strokes it a few times then starts to suck it. She is so skilled at giving head that he is rock hard in a matter of minutes so she puts it between her amazing tits and lets him rub it and fuck her tits. He titty fucks her then she goes back to giving him head. Just as he is about to cum she rubs it on her tits again and lets him blast his hot load all over her fantastic rack.
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