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Description : Dakota and Janet have a close relationship as mother and daughter, but some things aren't meant for daughter's eyes. Janet's client is one with a particularly special need and she's not sure her daughter is ready for the training yet. Will finally arrives and expects his usual treatment complete with a more aggressive release. By the time Will's ready for the special treatment, Janet decides Dakota is ready for some instruction, at the very least. The family business needs to continue with a high level of professionalism. Janet hands off Will to Dakota, allowing her to take the reins, at first, then both make use of their genetic cock blowing talent.

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Daty Bud 2
Janet has done some good lesbian scenes
2019-02-17 05:42
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she's so fking hot
2015-06-25 02:10
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Ask Janet for several ALL GIRL SCENES..
2014-11-08 11:58
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