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Video Description: David Loso's in-pool massage was one of his favorite massages ever, but now he's back from his vacation and all he can think about was that one massage. Jay Taylor is a confident masseuse, and assures David that she will be able to provide an even better experience. Jay's quick to get straight to David's highest tension areas. She massages his shoulders, and back down to his legs. She has him turn over, but before too long he talks her into taking off her robe, like the pool masseuse did. Jay reveals her gorgeous slender body, and soon she finds her way to David's most sensitive muscle. She shoves his cock deep in her warm mouth massaging him with her lips and tongue. She feeds David her juicy pussy while she continues, and soon she is massaging his cock with plenty of saliva, and his fully erect cock releases a huge load of hot cum. Turns out Jay gave the better massage!

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Blow jobs are dime a dozen. Virtrually every dick scene begins with a blow job. WTF is the point of this crap.
2018-08-28 05:35
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This comment has been deleted by its author.
That was very boring
2015-09-07 06:11
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Kind of slow and boring. No excitement, no heat.
2014-05-21 18:54
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Seems hot from the preview…quite a tease but will have to go the full monty to convince me
2014-05-11 04:18
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