Brylee The Specialist

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Video Description: Brylee Remington is a specialist. She's studied many different massage techniques and she knows exactly what each and every client needs to feel good. Today Romeo Price came in with a pain in his back. Knowing how good Brylee is at what she does, he gives her control to do what she does best. Watch as Brylee works his thick, sore muscles with her strong hands. She's taken back by how tight and strong he is and you can tell she's getting turned on as she trails her hands all over his body. After sneaking a peek at his cock as he turns over, Brylee starts to make her move. Noticing her client is already hard, Brylee gives his dong a squeeze and asks if he would be interested in her full service treatment. Brylee takes his cock in her mouth slow and deep, as she uses her tongue ring to massage his shaft. She gives an amazing blowjob as she lets Romeo eat her pussy out before finishing him off with a handjob.

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