Cabana Package

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Video Description: Flynt went all out today and got the full service cabana package massage after weeks of business trips and unrestful nap in unfamiliar beds. Bliss Dulce was waiting to take care of him, and when he arrives, ready for his rub down Bliss pampers him with her expert massage techniques, and gentle manual muscle stimulation that makes this resort spa one of the top destinations for full service rub and tugs! Bliss is a professional when it comes to maximum relief, and her professional cock sucking shows her promising talent. But the release treatment doesn't come without a gift. Watch Bliss climb on top of Flynt's hungry mouth and get herself eaten out!

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Nice scene and nice dererations
2015-09-07 06:31
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Ms Bree Mills
Hi everyone, what did you think of the setting of this scene? We tried somewhere new for you! Bree, MP
2014-04-15 08:22
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