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Video Description: Jay won a contest at work, and it turns out his prize is an erotic massage! Surprised by this news, he gets excited, and Olivia assures him he's going to enjoy it! The Massage progresses without a hitch, and Jay's swollen cock is clearly ready for the contest prize. Before long Olivia has his cock deep in her warm mouth and feeds Jay her succulent pussy. What a treat! I'm sure Jay's bosses will see an improvement in his work tomorrow! We see her rub his cock with her warm pussy, and she continues his hot blowjob until he cums all over her hungry mouth.

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2016-06-04 14:16
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Nice video. I love out door shoots. Please show more of them
2015-06-24 21:49
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I like outside shoots like this by a pool or on a beach!
2014-07-17 21:22
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Girl has good oral talent. She rides his cock well, should have gone all the way and fucked him. There should be a class for girls before shooting scenes, like how to tie hair up before giving head. It is fine in life but gets in the way for cameras.
2014-05-22 15:15
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Was very good but could of been better with a few more ass shots of Olivia sweet hot ass.
2014-05-17 00:04
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