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Video Description: Brooklyn has a very interesting history! Her Daddy sent her to an all girls catholic school (who knows what she learned there!) and then she went to massage therapy school, with the interest of helping people. What a sweet little chatty Cathy! Will has probably dreamed for years of teaching a cute and naive young masseuse how to take care of him... How far do you think he can get her to go before she cracks? Just wait until you see how creative she gets!

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What a hard bodied hotie. great video PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put more vaginal intercourse in the massage-parlor videos
2015-09-08 06:46
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I agree with with Kimber45 as long as increased vaginal intercourse DOES NOT AT ALL take away from the amount of time spent on fellatio.

There are LITERALLY THOUSANDS of web sites out there that provide exactly what Kimber45 is requesting, but Fantasy Massage is one of one 3 or 4 sites in the world that offer what people like myself want. Which is, beautiful girls, often w/ big natural tits, sucking cock for extended periods of time, typically avoiding the extremely boring POV style of bj filming while also usually letting the girl finish the job.

1. Hot girls w/ big tits sucking cock
2. Minimal POV (God I hate POV blowjob's)
3. Minimal guys jerking off (girl finishes the job)
4. Extended blowjob in scenes w/ close-ups

THIS is why I subscribe to FantasyMassage! If I wanted what Kimber45 wants, I could literally go just about anyplace - but that list is what sets FantasyMassage apart! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

Kimber45 "What a hard bodied hotie. great video PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put more vaginal intercourse in the massage-parlor videos
2016-02-09 10:28
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Pretty Girl, great scene ruined by jerk off finish. Let the woman finish the job. That's what she's there for.
2015-02-26 02:13
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Regarding last comment, watching this film again, I think during the 69 position, when the girl's clothes were gone and she totally gives into the sexuality would have been a perfect time for her heels to pop wildly loose, barely hanging on,then drop off.
[But, have her heels pop loose to a lesser degree before this period, to show transition.]
2014-04-12 08:34
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Mentioned adding shoe-play detail as a general suggestion at the "all girl massage" forum, and I see another perfect opportunity for it in this scene. We see sexy-hot high heel choices with your pretty girls, but absolutely no popping of the heels or other such teasing. This scene would have been extra good for such a detail, as the girl has NO idea what is involved in the full sexy massage. As she starts becoming overwhelmed and overtaken by the sexual-ness of this scene, I would have loved to see her hot heels start popping loose during the transition parts, increasing more as she gives into it, then dropping off her shoes totally off as she gets towards 100% into it, such as when she is sucking the guy's cock, for example.
We do see other nice transitions (clothing removal, attitude adjustment), so why not add this shoe detail?
2014-04-12 08:26
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