In The Pool

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Video Description: David Loso has three options today. Jacky offers him one of three choices a Cabana Massage, a regular massage in a room, or a massage in the pool where she'll be bikini clad, and rubbing him from head to toe. Now, which one do you think he'll take? There's really no contest, the pool massage just has to be his! Jacky has him lay on the table in the water, and she starts on his upper back. The massage is just fine, no complaints, but David wants a little more. He thinks it'd be cool if they did nude massages with a happy ending. David's come to the right spa today, because Jacky might just have a little surprise for him, but, like all things in life, it won't be free. Watch Jackie stuff his cock in her mouth, and suck him to completion!

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Nice video. It would have been a lot better if there was some vaginal intercourse
2015-07-10 20:25
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oh yes, Jacky really put a lot of effort into the blowjob !! she has a gorgeous body and awesome breasts. Agree with user_21456839 about the sex part !!! Would have looked great with doggy style !!
2014-07-05 16:32
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Well that girl can suk with enthusiasm, would have been a lot better if she slipped it in her pussy too.
2014-05-21 18:58
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