My Mom Taught Me

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Video Description: Keni ordered the cabana massage and was delighted to see the new girl Dakota has joined the ranks at the massage parlor. Keni's Massage goes better than he'd expected, her being a new girl. Only after Dakota explains that she's learning all the tricks of her trade from her mother, in order to eventually take over the family business. Keni knows what to expect, it's not his first time at the massage parlor, but Dakota is eager to try out a new full release treatment that she learned from her mom just a week ago. Watch as Dakota makes Keni's experience particularly pleasant adding the perfect final touch that even Keni wasn't expecting.

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would love to see more from Dakota
2014-11-01 08:15
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Wuhan CoronaVirus Patient Zero
Then google her name.
2019-07-08 08:35
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