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Description : Alex had a crazy day riding his motorcycle so he decided to get a massage the help him relax. When he arrives for his appointment he meets Katie and tells her he nearly died several times that day. She assures him she can help him unwind. She takes him to the room, has him strip and lay on the table then starts rubbing him down. As she massages him Alex asks if she is married. When she tells him she is completely single he asks if she has any special services. She agrees to a take a nice big tip in exchange for getting naked while she rubs him down. She really gets into things as she rubs and starts stroking his cock. Soon she has his dick in her mouth and is sucking hard. She climbs on top of him and rubs her pussy against his dick. Alex wants to taste her pussy so he pulls her into a 69. He licks her pussy and asshole while she sucks his dick so good he can't hold back and explodes like a volcano erupting all over her face and in her mouth.
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Description : After being referred by his psychologist to the massage parlor, Dane is hesitant and afraid. He is jumpy at first, but once his gorgeous masseuse, Nicole, leads him to the massage room and relaxes him, he instantly feels at ease. Nicole places her perfect tits in his mouth and he is in heaven. He is even more pleased when she gets completely naked and shoves her pussy in his face. He is completely cured when he finally shoots his load all over this babe.
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Description : When Dean arrives for his massage he meets Rachel his masseuse and is a little embarrassed to ask her for a special massage. She doesn't seem to understand what he wants, but takes him upstairs to the room and gets started with the normal massage. As she begins to rub him down Dean asks for extra services. Now that they are alone Rachel is happy to give him what he wants. She pulls off her shirt and exposes her amazing tits with pierced nipples. She then pulls the covering towel off of him and starts sucking his cock. Before he even realizes what is happening she crawls on top of him and lets him lick her pussy while she swallows his cock down her throat. She asks if he has ever had sex before and Dean is a little confused. Before he finishes mumbling a vague answer she crawls on top of him and impales herself of his hard dick. She rides him like a cowgirl, bouncing on his dick until he can't hold out. She jumps off and grabs his cock to stroke it as he shoots hot cum all over her thighs.
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Description : Jenner was so frustrated after his wife has spend all their money on shopping that he decided to go looking for the best massage parlor in town and spend some money as well. He meets Ashli the masseuse who takes him upstairs and promises him a good time. From the start it doesn't look like a regular massage and when Ashli asks for some extra cash to take off her clothes and suck his dick Jenner knows he came to the right place. She starts sucking his cock and then let him suck her pussy on the 69 while she fingers her ass. She is also deepthroat talented and that with her amazing blowjob skill making Jenner cum straight in her mouth. Horny Ashli even licks and swallows his cum.
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Description : Rayveness's niece, Jennifer has come from out of town to start working at the massage parlor. After their short chat, Jennifer is sent upstairs to select a robe. Then, Eric arrives and explains that he is a combat instructor from a nearby base and has severe pain in his upper back and has come looking for relief. Rayveness acquaints the beautiful Jennifer with the hot Eric and sends them upstairs to start the massage. During the massage, Eric asks why Jennifer decided to become a masseuse. When she answers that it is because she likes to suck dick, Eric nearly chokes. Since Jennifer isn't yet familiar with the rules, she lets Eric cum in her mouth and then hungrily swallows it all.
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Description : Chayse is the only masseuse left in the massage parlor, when Eric arrives he doesn't waste much time and asks her for a happy ending massage, Chayse promises to consider it and shows him to the massage room. During the massage Chayse reveals her perfect natural body and her special 'massage' skills as she slides on Eric's cock and swallows his entire load.
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Description : When TJ arrives at the massage parlor Rayveness the hostess meets him with a smile and introduces him to the very sexy Evilyn who will be his masseuse. She leads him upstairs, has him strip down and get comfortable. She is an expert with her hands, working his body and fully relaxing him. They make idol talk and TJ explains to her how much money he makes at his job. She says she is a little broke right now so TJ makes her an offer. If she gives him a little extra attention he will give her a nice fat tip. She is game and as he guides her hand to his cock she knows exactly what kind of attention he wants. She has him lay down flat on his back while she jerks him off. Once she has him as hard as steel she crawls on top of him and rubs her pussy with his dick then she slides her pussy down his body and pushes it into his face so he can lick her while she sucks him in a hot 69. Her mouth is so skilled it doesn't take long and he moans with pleasure. She wants the biggest tip possible so she continues to suck as he cums and drains his hot load into her hungry mouth.
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Description : Joey had experienced a Nuru massage with sexy blond masseuse Elaina so when she contacted him and offed him a "standard" massage he jumped at the chance. At first he just relaxed and just let her massage him, but then he remembered how hot the last massage was so she reached over and opened up her robe. She quickly got undressed, got into a 69 with him and started sucking his cock while he licked her pussy. She gripped his cock with her talented hand, stroked him hard then went back to sucking while she continued to stroke. He couldn't hold out long and burst, firing his hot load all over her amazing tan tits.