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Description : Tia Cyrus is a bit shocked to see her step dad show up to her massage parlor, especially when he announces he's horny! But Tia is a trained professional and she relies on her extensive training to keep things as professional as she can. Clearly he's come in looking for the full service package. A mere 9 minutes into the massage, he cuts to the chase and lets Tia know exactly what he wants. After Tia and him work out a deal - it's on!!! Tia takes off his towel to reveal his cock, which she easily gets hard with a few strokes. See her jerk him off after lubing up his dick with plenty of spit. She sets the rules straight, that no spanking is allowed, and she proves why all the guys say she gives the best blowjobs in town.
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Description : Evan Stone shows up for a sexy massage and accidentally gets paired up with Ashley Stone, his own brother's wife! She needs to keep her work a secret from her husband and Evan is willing to help her separate her work life from her home life as a cheating housewife, in exchange for a free massage of his own. Guilt starts to set in half way through their adulterous interlude, and Ashely gets the idea to take her robe off as a way to make Evan stop talking so much. Of course that only makes their passions hotter and it isn't long before she is 69 on top of him, jerking his dick with her talented hands while riding his mouth. Cumming inside a massage girl is nice, but cumming in the mouth of your brother's wife makes it naughty as well!
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Description : Rayveness's niece, Jennifer has come from out of town to start working at the massage parlor. After their short chat, Jennifer is sent upstairs to select a robe. Then, Eric arrives and explains that he is a combat instructor from a nearby base and has severe pain in his upper back and has come looking for relief. Rayveness acquaints the beautiful Jennifer with the hot Eric and sends them upstairs to start the massage. During the massage, Eric asks why Jennifer decided to become a masseuse. When she answers that it is because she likes to suck dick, Eric nearly chokes. Since Jennifer isn't yet familiar with the rules, she lets Eric cum in her mouth and then hungrily swallows it all.