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Description : Jordana Heat is a hot Latina that works in a massage parlor. When her client walks in thinking he's going tanning, Jordana convinces him to stay and that she will make it worth his while. Jordana is from New Jersey so she's got beautiful sun kissed skin and long black hair that makes you want to grab a hold of it. Jordana uses her whole body in her massages so things get pretty erotic from the start. Having a hot, independent masseuse like Jordana straddling your back in her thong and high heels, as she rests her ass cheeks against your thighs would have anyone popping a boner right through the massage table. She is so clearly turned on by her client that she can't wait to get her oiled hands around his cock. She takes the opportunity to stroke him off when he turns over for his front work. She sucks cock like a good Jersey whore and gets so wet in the process, she can't resist but to shove her wet twat in her clients face for some hot 69 action. Watch him blow all over her face, as she licks the tip for a quick taste.