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Description : Stephanie arrives to the massage parlor after walking a few blocks, her masseuses Rayveness suggests that she takes a quick shower before the massage starts. While oiling Stephanie and getting the massage started Rayveness gets turned on by her client's hot body and perfect tits and decides to give her a full body to body massage, then it's time for Rayveness to taste Stephanie's pussy and put her big tits on her face. The action continues as Rayveness brings her client to a great orgasm.
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Description : Edward likes to play tricks on his friend Brian, when he calls him on the phone he tells him to use the password 'Go Big' during his massage appointment, this code will signal the massuese that he would like to get a happy ending. Brian is all excited when he enters the massage parlor, he chooses taylor as his massage therapist for today and begins to worry when his 'Go Big' password is not triggering anything special, watch what happens next in this funny episode!
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Description : Ralo was in between cable television installations and decided to kill an hour at the massage parlor. He chose Felony for a deep tissue massage and he starts out seeing her very revealing bikini in the shower! Felony lets him rub some oil on her beautiful ass and roam with his hands as much as he wants as she rubs herself on his chest. She keeps collecting the cash from him and works her way into a blowjob better than anything Ralo has ever seen on the adult cable channels! His cum covers Felony's face at the end! A must-see for ass and oral lovers!
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Description : Mia got locked out of the massage parlor and called for a locksmith. Talen arrived to help her out and with Mia a little short on cash, she tried to interest him in a massage instead. He decides to give it a try and chooses Tricia. They begin with a shower and Tricia gets him all oiled up. After that, Talen enjoys her working away on his cock and smothering it with her breasts! Then he gets to unlock her pussy with his tongue while she sucks away with a massive blowjob. His cum ends up right in her mouth - tune in to see if she spits or swallows!
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Description : Jerry mows lawns in the neighborhood and keeps seeing a lot of happy customers coming in and out of the massage parlor. He finally gets to stop in for a massage with Tia. They hit the shower first for some scrubbing off and watch as Jerry's cock gets hard just from Tia's amazing bikini and smile! Then during the massage, Tia asks if Jerry wants a little extra action and off comes the bikini to reveal Tia's amazing body! After that, Jerry's tongue gets all the ass and pussy it can handle. Tia then goes full throttle on his cock for the happy ending!
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Description : Chris works at a software company and unfortunately has his father-in-law as his boss. He takes a lunch break over to the massage parlor and gets to spend some time with Melanie. She starts off getting Chris relaxed in the shower while she wears an eye-popping thong bikini. Melanie then grabs Chris's cock during the massage and keeps going with that for an extra $60. She rubs his cock all over her breasts and then Chris gets a "point of view" look of her ass. Then it's time for a little more oil and a big explosion of cum on Melanie's face!
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Description : Brendan was checking out craigslist and saw an ad for the massage parlor. He wanted a Thai massage and chose Jacklyn for it. She starts off in the shower with some innocent giggling and flirting while washing him down. Jacklyn then strips down naked for an extra $100 and goes right after Brendan's cock with her mouth for a deep throat blowjob! Then she gets up on the table letting Brendan lick her pussy with her ass in his face while she keeps sucking away on his cock. Brendan then explodes his cum while she strokes away talking dirty to him!