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Description : Rayveness thanks Taylor for helping with her most recent client and Taylor confesses she really enjoyed it even though she was a little surprised at what actually goes on during the rubdown. Taylor tells Rayveness she is horny and a little tense and she would love a massage to come down from excitement of rubbing the guy. Rayveness has her lie on the table and she starts rubbing the young lady. It is soft and sensual but Taylor really wants to know why Rayveness is still dressed. That's when things get naked and naughty. Taylor will definitely remember this visit...
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Description : Briana arrives to the massage parlor suffering from lower back and shoulders pain, she gently opens the front door and catches Rayveness rubbing lotion on her big tits. When Rayveness sees Briana she quickly covers her tits and asks her to lay face down on the massage table. Rayveness pulls out the warm massage oil and suggests a body to body massage to ease Briana's pain, when Briana feels Rayveness's hot body and tits on her back she confesses about being extremely wet down there and a new full massage treatment begins.
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Description : Stephanie arrives to the massage parlor after walking a few blocks, her masseuses Rayveness suggests that she takes a quick shower before the massage starts. While oiling Stephanie and getting the massage started Rayveness gets turned on by her client's hot body and perfect tits and decides to give her a full body to body massage, then it's time for Rayveness to taste Stephanie's pussy and put her big tits on her face. The action continues as Rayveness brings her client to a great orgasm.
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Description : Capri is a Canadian immigrant who hasn't been able to find work for quite some time, she arrives to the massage parlor looking for a job. Rayveness welcomes her and soon finds out that she has almost no experience as a massuse. Rayveness decides to give her a training session and teach her the ropes, during the massage Rayveness discovers that Capri has indeed a special talent.