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Description : Veronica Radke is a gorgeous brunette with skilled masseuse hands and a slamming petite body. Watch how she slowly caresses her clients shoulders, flirting with him from the very start of this massage. You immediately get the sense that this massage is going to get hardcore very soon because Veronica clearly wants her clients cock. She sneaks a peek at it as he turns, smiling about what is hidden under his towel. Its only a matter of minutes before her hands are massaging his dick, urging him to get hard. She skillfully runs her manicured fingers up and down his shaft before teasing his rod with her tongue. Veronica knows just how to use her tongue piercing to add extra sensation to her blowjob. At her clients request, Veronica works his balls with her mouth then strips out of her slinky satin robe. Watch her all natural breasts bounce as she runs her mouth up and down his cock, urging him to give her his cum.
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Description : Jodi Taylor is a hot red head and she's waiting for a client when Dane Cross comes in with his friend. Dane's buddy makes it clear to Jodi just what kind of massage he brought him in for and it's clearly the full service package. Jodi takes Dane upstairs, knowing she's going to give him some hand service, followed by a happy ending blowjob. She immediately begins to tease him as she takes his pants off, allowing her wrist to graze his cock. Jodi then begins rubbing his back down with oil to get him relaxed and in the mood. Dane has no idea what whats coming up for him as Jodi climbs on top of him for a body to body rub. The views you get of her pink pussy and asshole as she rides him are epic. Dane still thinks hes getting massaged as Jodi works his balls and shaft with her hands. At this point they are warm and lubed up and Jodi knows exactly what she's doing. See her suck Dane off as she encourages him to play with her ass until he pops in her mouth.
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Description : Briana arrives to the massage parlor suffering from lower back and shoulders pain, she gently opens the front door and catches Rayveness rubbing lotion on her big tits. When Rayveness sees Briana she quickly covers her tits and asks her to lay face down on the massage table. Rayveness pulls out the warm massage oil and suggests a body to body massage to ease Briana's pain, when Briana feels Rayveness's hot body and tits on her back she confesses about being extremely wet down there and a new full massage treatment begins.
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Description : Stephanie arrives to the massage parlor after walking a few blocks, her masseuses Rayveness suggests that she takes a quick shower before the massage starts. While oiling Stephanie and getting the massage started Rayveness gets turned on by her client's hot body and perfect tits and decides to give her a full body to body massage, then it's time for Rayveness to taste Stephanie's pussy and put her big tits on her face. The action continues as Rayveness brings her client to a great orgasm.
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Description : Capri is a Canadian immigrant who hasn't been able to find work for quite some time, she arrives to the massage parlor looking for a job. Rayveness welcomes her and soon finds out that she has almost no experience as a massuse. Rayveness decides to give her a training session and teach her the ropes, during the massage Rayveness discovers that Capri has indeed a special talent.
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Description : Eric is a real estate agent who had just sold a big house and decides to spend some of his commission on a nice and relaxing massage. When Rayveness brings out the two girls Eric immediately recognizes his daughter's friend Bella and is extremely embarrased, Bella tries to calm him down and shows him to the massage room. As the massage begins Eric notices that Bella's tit is sticking out and decides to end the massage right then, Bella however, has other things in mind...
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Description : Eric is a computer programmer, he is working out almost every day in the gym and had recently noticed a young beautiful girl with a nice tight sexy body who is working out there as well. He always wants to chat with her but doesn't have the guts to do it. One day he finds out that she works as a massuese at the local massage parlor and decides this would be a good chance to meet her and tell her how he feels.