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Description : Jack Blaque's wallet is running on fumes. 80 bucks isn't what Jennifer White was expecting, but being such a creative masseuse, and considering there's an amazing special going on at the parlor she comes up with a treatment she can offer him. As Jennifer starts touching Jack all over she starts to heat up a bit. Her imagination begins to get the best of her and she gets horny with each new body part she touches. Jack is taken aback when she decides she wants to whip out his big black cock and shove it deep into her hungry throat. In the end, the hesitant boy is made a man by the horny vixen who feeds him her tasty pussy on a platter.
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Description : Edward likes to play tricks on his friend Brian, when he calls him on the phone he tells him to use the password 'Go Big' during his massage appointment, this code will signal the massuese that he would like to get a happy ending. Brian is all excited when he enters the massage parlor, he chooses Zoey as his massage therapist for today and begins to worry when his 'Go Big' password is not triggering anything special, watch what happens next in this funny episode!