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Description : Courtney Taylor is at a clients house to give him a massage when he recognizes her from the strip club. He got a dance from her a few weeks ago and questions her relentlessly until she admits it. But Courtney needs him to keep her stripper gig quiet because she doesn't want to get fired from the massage parlor. So she agrees to give him a really good free massage and a little striptease for his loyalty in not mentioning anything to her boss. Courtney takes out the oil but it doesn't take long for her to get frisky with her client. She begins her striptease, revealing her shaven pussy and huge DD breasts. When her client starts massaging her clit, Courtney gets so turned on that she takes this massage all the way to bust a nut ville. She lubes up his thick cock with her mouth and spit before sitting on it and rubbing her clit and pussy all over it. She finishes him off as she jerks him off until he cums all over her huge tits.
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Description : Brian's roommate has offered to give him a massage on several occasions, but Brian is wary and not really wanting to be rubbed down by another guy. So he makes an appointment at a massage parlor and is very happy to see his masseuse is the very cute Courtney. She is blond, sexy and leads him into the room where she starts the massage. As she rubs Brian down he tells her about his roommate. At first she thinks Brian is trying to tell her he is gay, but he insists that he is not. She decides to test him by stripping naked, pulling off his towel and sucking his cock. He gets hard in her mouth then pulls her up on top of him into a 69 so he can finger her sweet pussy while she gives him head. Courtney is so turned on she slides down his body and impales herself on his dick. He fucks her deep and hard, showing her just how straight he is, then he pulls out and shoots his hot load all over her nice flat belly.