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Description : Jeff is an usher at the local football stadium. It's a tough job especially in the bad weather when he has to stand out there and clean the seats off for people before they sit down. By the time the game is in the second half, he can relax more and he spends a lot of time watching the cheerleaders instead of the game. One of the other guys he works with at the stadium says the cheerleaders look nowhere near as hot as the girls he met at Maya's massage parlor down the street. He said he got some really good action there once and Jeff is thinking he is ready for something like that and mades an appointment.
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Description : Andy was in town for his fraternity reunion and it was a disappointment with not many girls being around. He decided to stop by the massage parlor for a deep tissue treatment with Carmella. Andy offers her a little extra and gets a look at her big naked tits while she oils them up! She then rubs them all over and works her way into the ultimate breastfuck of his cock! Carmella then smacks his dick around more after that and watch as she wants his cum to shoot out onto her chest for the happy ending! A must-see episode for big breast lovers!