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Description : Henry is a baseball player who is banged up after a long season so he goes in for a massage to help with his sore muscles. Lyla his, masseuse, is happy to see him and gets right to work rubbing the knots out of his back and legs. She tells him how much she loves baseball players and gets so into the massage that her robe slips open and Henry gets a peek. He asks her to take the robe off and she does. Standing before him fully nude she reaches over and grabs his dick. As she starts to stroke it she swears she has never done this kind of thing before. He reaches over and slides his finger into her pussy while she leans in and sucks his dick. He tells her to get on top of him and she does exactly as she is told. She rides his face while he licks her pussy and fingers her ass. She strokes his cock with everything she's got then sucks him hard and makes him cum in her mouth. Henry is one happy baseball player.