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Description : Danni was tired when he got to the massage parlor. He had been working a lot of overtime lately and had been doing some pretty heavy partying on top of it. He needed some rest so he wanted to get a good massage then get some sleep. His masseuse Miya was a little late and little tired herself. When she walked in the room Danni realized he recognized her. He saw her at the club last night. He told her he had seen her, but he was too shy to approach her. She told him that he should have talked to her because she has no boyfriend. Danni decided to give it a go right then so he leaned in and kissed her. She responded to his kisses by pulling off her clothes, taking out his cock and starting to suck it. He was so shocked by her giving him head and the idea that he could have fucked her last night that he exploded all over her pretty face.