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Description : Sergeant Barrett had just finished his military service and doesn't quite know how things work in the massage parlor world, instead of paying $150 for the massage he arrived with a bottle of wine, Dianna can tell that he is broke and decides to take the chump change he has and give him the massage. During the session Barrett talks about his poor sex life as he hadn't really been active in the past 2 years, Dianna decides to help Barrett and serve her country by offering her sexy body and giving him a great blowjob
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Description : Fred is a package delivery guy and shows up at the massage parlor doing his normal delivery rounds. He decides to stick around and get a massage with Dianna. After being mesmerized by Dianna's beauty once they are alone, he wants some extra action but Dianna is a little reluctant. Eventually Dianna agrees to disrobe but look out as Mia knocks on the door to check up on things while she is naked! After Mia leaves, Dianna lets Fred touch her perfect breasts while she rubs away on his cock and gets a nice view of her ass after she hops up on the table!